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What are your 2021 aspirations?

At the start of each year here at Sheer Edge HQ, we start an annual bucket list.

We write down all the things we want to do, where we want to travel, people we would like to meet, it could be as simple as reading one new book per month, or raising money for a charity, or as exciting as being in the front row of a concert.

We then close our books and revisit them 6 months later to tick off what we have done or achieved, you will be amazed how much you can actually tick off that list without even realising it.

I think you would agree with us that 2020 has been a complete whirlwind and you may probably be thinking well ‘how can you live your dreams amongst this chaos and in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and crisis’?

Our motto! There is always another day and another opportunity to fulfil your dreams, you can transform those dreams in many ways. We, like many, have had the news our holidays have been cancelled, for many different reasons this has had an impact on families around the world.

Now, you can rebook these holidays next year, or you can look to book a holiday elsewhere?

BUT stop, think about it, why not consider ticking off another dream on your bucket list in 2021? You might want to see your favourite band play, your favourite artist that you’ve been meaning to watch for many years but keep promising yourself they will tour again? But, this may well be their last tour, or maybe it’s your wish to sit in VIP hospitality at the F1 British Grand Prix, on a Yacht at F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Wimbledon, a sought after concert or festival you didn’t get to go to this year.  WOW! Stop dreaming your bucket list and start living it in 2021.

Let us help you live your dreams with no boundaries. We can provide you with VIP access to suites and executive lounges, the best seats in the house, luxurious food, complimentary bar packages, we can offer our clients a wide range of corporate hospitality packages to suit all budgets at domestic and international football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport, horseracing, rowing, sailing, darts, boxing, as well as watching your favourite comedians, music artists and bands, special events, award ceremonies, film premieres, theatre and special bespoke incentive experiences.

With flexible payment options for many of the most sought after events both nationally and internationally, do get in touch today and we can discuss your current or future event requirements – 0330 223 3176 or email:

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me” Ayn Rand

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