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Incentives and Rewards

Never has there been a greater need to engage and support your team and clients. 

We understand the challenges that each and everyone face right now.  That is why we have created our Incentives and Rewards subscription packages.

There’s no time to lose, here’s to making your team  or client feel valued, included and ready to embrace whatever life throws at them!

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Incentive and Rewards

Never before have we needed to ensure our teams and clients know how valued they are and that we are thinking of them.

Ensuring your team is engaged, energised and ‘on board’ to do their best for you, it’s equally important as their employer to ensure they feel valued and supported.  That their wellbeing is of utmost importance to you.

So how do you achieve this?  Take a look, as always we are here to support you and your requirements. 

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Mark Wilson, GSE UK
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Experiences, memories made, laughter.... who doesn't want that?
They may forget what you said - but they will never forget how you made them feel. Carl W. Buehner
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How does it work?

You subscribe for a minimum of 3 months.

You opt for the package level you’re looking for;

Platinum, Gold, Silver

There will be options to offer an incentive to your team members or options to offer to all staff.

Here at Sheer Edge we do not want to be restrictive in packages, simply offer you a range of options but by all means, if you want to create a tailored and bespoke solution, who are we to argue?

Why now?

To celebrate our five year milestone we wanted to give something back to the companies we work with.  But extend this to all businesses who want to recognise their amazing colleagues and clients.

What are my choices?

Our core packages offer a level of incentive to work with your budget. The aim; giving your team something to strive towards, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize each quarter.

Platinum: Is our high level package 

Platinum package price starts from £3,000 + Vat

Gold: Our mid range package  

Gold package price starts from £2,000 + Vat

Silver: Our modest package but great rewards to offer your team.

Silver package price starts from £650 + vat

Our Wellbeing package is of course separate from the above, you will receive;

A wellness hamper, a 1 hour wellness session (online for the time being), 30 minutes yoga with Professional Dancer and Soo Yoga expert Kristina Rhianoff, 15 minute meditation, 15 minute guidance from Nutritional Therapist, Shannon Howe.

Wellbeing package from £49.50 + Vat per person*

*(Based on a booking of 20 people), alternative participants available POA.

**Hampers start from £40 + Vat (Plus Postage and packing)

**Based on the Starter Wellness hamper items, charitable contributions  (Eventwell £1.00 and Kaleidescope Plus Group £1.00 per hamper).

Why not treat your team to one of our Wellness Hampers?
Packed with everything you need to look after your wellbeing, all Artisan products made in the UK and for each hamper sale we will be donating to Eventwell and another charity of your choice.
Hampers start from £35 + Vat *
Are you looking for a new way to keep your team motivated?
Keeping your team engaged has never been more important, our Wellness sessions will support your teams wellbeing,