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How can incentives and rewards benefit your business?

Today, we wanted to share our experience of working with clients when it comes to incentivising and rewarding their teams.

This time of year, is a prime time to share, celebrate and recognise everyone’s high points from the year, so where to start?

Having an open and engaging workplace can help togetherness as people feel more connected and part of a team. If your team can communicate with ease, it encourages teamwork and comradery, which is essential in a team-based work environment.

It’s that time of year, when we assess our successes and digest our challenges.  What has worked in the business and what improvements and adjustments need to be made to refine your business offering.

How you communicate internally with your team, is as important as how you promote your message externally.

Why, we hear you say? 

Because your internal team should in our view be treated like internal clients.  After all, happy teams help fulfil your business vision and achieve and exceed goals set.

A happy team will pull out the stops to ensure you consistently deliver for your clients.

Therefore, making sure your team feel satisfied in their role, that their views thoughts and feelings matter when we review the bigger picture.

As a business, working as a collective has never been more important.

Look at Formula 1 teams for an insight into how team dynamics are so important.

Yes, you have the drivers, the team and the team principals driving the end goal but how quickly a pit stop can take place, how quickly the engineers can make necessary adjustments, what tyres are used and the overall strategy and whether the teams including the driver agree to it all boils down to the success or failure of the team at the end of the season.

Paddock Club

Every single person in your business matters, so, when did you last take the time to share this with them?

To keep them informed of changes, how the business may need to adapt or adjust?

What do they want from the role they work in, how do they want to develop or are they happy to remain in the role the enjoy?

These are all aspects that many organisations are not brave enough to address, however, if they did, think about how many members of the team they would retain.

Incentives and rewarding members of your team is another aspect that does get overlooked.

There are so many options out there and they don’t always have to cost the ends of the earth. However, by incentivising and rewarding your team, it adds to how you value them.

You could offer increased or flexible hours or additional days holiday.

If you are an organisation looking into 4-day weeks, this could be another aspect that may feature highly on your team’s agenda?

What about a trip for everyone to say thank you for your hard work and effort.

You may want to take it to the next level and offer unique experiences on a quarterly basis rather than annually.

There are so many ways and options to consider, so, where on earth do you start?

Please find below some initial ideas but we must stress, do your research internally, ask the questions what motivates one may not motivate another and it’s important to have everyone on board. The last thing you want as an employer is a disillusioned workforce who do not believe you have an interest or care in what your teams hopes, dreams and aspirations are.

Day trips and new experiences; 

We all know how popular culinary experiences have become, now you can enjoy as a team whether its heading to a bake-off tent and go head-to-head to see who can create the best bake and who produces the soggiest bottom and ultimately gets the wooden spoon.  Right through to having a cookery session with a Michelin star chef and dining together to enjoy the fruits of your labour hoping that it is edible!

James martin cookery school Chewton Glen

You may want to encourage wellness and so a yoga and wellness retreat may tick the boxes.

Or something totally unusual – like taking the team to a wildlife sanctuary, sleeping under the stars, campfires, building items for animal enclosures and sleeping next to animal enclosures have become really popular of late. Making a positive difference is top of everyones agenda so whatever experience you are looking to bring to the table we are sure the team will appreciate it.

Annual awards parties; 

This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the successes of everyone in your team. The key thing to remember with awards ceremonies is to plan in advance, ensure you are including every single individual who attends in the celebrations even if not everyone can win, they should still feel valued and ideally there should be some ‘thank you’ for your hard work for all.

Remember, by rewarding your team for their work and achievements, it encourages their teammates to follow their example and celebrate their co-workers’ achievements.

Work life balance; 

Awareness that each individual that works for your business leads their own unique life.  Different experiences, dependants or not.  The value offering your team flexible working, giving them time off for life events, or things they hold close to their heart is extremely important. Alongside giving thm the opportunity to work remotely where possible and gives them the chance to be flexible in their day to day life. Being consistent is hugely important, treating all your employees with the same respect is vital. If someone thinks they’re being unfairly treated compared to someone else, this is bad for morale and leads to less productivity as a result. Having an open and engaging workplace can help togetherness as people feel more connected and part of a team. If your team can communicate with ease, it encourages teamwork and comradery, which is essential in a team-based work environment.

Team incentives and rewards; 

We believe that providing life experiences can be one of the most valuable things you can offer your workforce.

It is why we created our Incentives and rewards scheme but appreciate one size does not fit all.

Team outing Goodwood

These can be run on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis and we can create a bespoke solution that meets with your business directives and what will motivate your teams the most, whether its attending a sought after sporting or entertainment event, or a unique getaway with an important person in their life.



Team day out; 


There’s nothing quite like giving your team the gift of your time away from the office, this is something we have witnessed successfully works, time and time again. There are some great ideas in our corporate hospitality site, take a look here;

If you’re still uncertain and could do with a friendly chat, get in touch today we thrive on getting creative for our clients events needs.

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