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Top tips to incentivise your team

When it comes to incentivising your team, there’s so many different techniques and methods you can use to inspire and boost the productivity of those surrounding you. Read below for some tips and advice on how to incentivise your team. At Sheer Edge we’re passionate about events, incentives & venue finding, we hope these tips can give you some useful guidance and ideas.

It’s important to show interest in your team, and get to know them all on a personal level. Everybody deals with instructions and feedback differently, so using the same approach with different people when it comes to motivation, isn’t going to work. If you make an effort to talk to everybody and show an interest in their opinions and value what they have to say, they’re far more likely to want to do a great job for you.

Day trips and new experiences can work well for teams that achieve a shared goal. This can include team outings, group lunches or team-building activities that all employees participate in. This both builds camaraderie among co-workers and helps the team remain motivated.

Awards parties can provide a great platform for the a leadership team to recognize employees who have showcased good work. Rewarding your team for their work encourages their teammates to follow their example and celebrate their co-worker’s achievements.

Understanding that everyone responds differently to different forms of feedback and communication is key as well. This can be achieved by getting to know your team on a personal level and getting an understanding of what works and doesn’t work for them.

Studies have shown that up to 85% of employees would give strongly consider taking a lower paying job that offered better benefits, such as health, dental, and vision insurance, than a more lucrative job that lacked in this area. And for good reason: insurance can be very costly, and employees would rather their company take on as much of the bill as possible.

Giving staff the chance to have time off for major life events or things they hold close to their heart is extremely important. Alongside this, giving them opportunities where possible to work remotely is very motivating, as they can be more flexible with their day to day life – being able to to work on holiday or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection can be a huge incentive for employee happiness, alongside boosting productivity, as some people work better out of an office environment.

Being consistent is hugely important, treating all your employees with the same respect is vital. If someone thinks they’re being unfairly treated compared to someone else, this is bad for morale and leads to less productivity as a result. For example, giving your team days off for life events such as weddings, hospital visits, birthdays etc is something that people really appreciate and remember you for.

Having an open and engaging workplace can help togetherness as people feel more connected and part of a team. If your team can communicate with ease it encourages teamwork and comradery, which is essential in a team-based work environment.

Making sure that your employees work is varied and challenging is another way to keep them engaged and incentivised to do well. If they feel bored with doing the same things everyday it can become demotivating and they don’t feel fully utilised. Setting them targets is also another way to boost productivity, which alongside offering intrinsic or extrinsic rewards; really will incentivise your employees to want to do well.

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