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Top tips on finding the right Key Note Speakers and Entertainers

Here at Sheer Edge, we understand the numerous factors that contribute to running a successful event.

How you open your event and entertain your guests is of paramount importance.

Here are some guides on finding and securing the right keynote speaker and entertainment for your event;

5 top tips on your keynote speaker 

1 – The theme or topic of your event  

Making sure you find the right keynote speaker who will really enhance the theme or topic of your event is so important. What message are you hoping they will convey for you, what impact are you hoping for, it is essential you factor these thoughts into your keynote selection process.

2 – What atmosphere do you want your keynote speaker to create in the room? 

The speech’s subject may be solid and helpful, but will it be engaging?

Will it amuse the audience?

This is something you must thoroughly consider while selecting a keynote speaker. Whoever you pick as your keynote speaker must fit the tone you want to establish for your event.  Audience applause

For example, if you are organising a medical professional event and invite a well-known and award-winning scientist, he may have great knowledge for your target audience in his industry, but will he be able to present it in a way that makes the audience want to interact with him, explore more, and seek more information from you, the organiser? If not, you should continue your search.

3 – Is there a particular message or thought you want your keynote to leave your audience with 

Keynote speaker at Vue

What message are you trying to send to your audience? Your keynote speaker will play an important role in delivering that message to your audience. They are the event’s main attraction. Once you’ve identified the intended message, it’ll be easy to identify and prioritise the speakers who will be most successful at presenting it.

4 – How you go about securing the right keynote speaker 

Once you’ve determined the theme, message, and audience for your conference or event, you may proceed to the next stage, which is contacting agencies, bureaus, and individuals that can help you find a speaker.

Remember that when you and your team begin to contact speakers, agencies, bureaus, or others by phone or email, keep in mind that speakers are busy individuals. They are establishing their own professions, and you are inviting them to your conference. Polite insistence is the key to keeping actively patient. Get a sense of the speakers or agents with who you will be talking, and be patient and relentless in your pursuit of them.

5 – How to create event buzz around the keynote speaker and their message even after the event is over

There are several methods to generate interest before and after your event.

One of the most crucial aspects is to market your event on social media, regardless of whether it’s an internal event or public event, ensure you send your save the date in sufficient time.

Event ideasWhy not create an event hashtag that can be used to promote the event prior to, during the live event day, and afterwards? Ensure you have the keynote speakers’ social handles and tag them in. Also, creating engaging and eye-catching material will also help to drive attention.

5 top tips on finding the right entertainment for your event 

1 – What atmosphere do you need to create with your entertainment 

Are you looking for a relaxed environment or something more upbeat and energetic. The right atmosphere created by your entertainment is essential to your events success.

2 – Making sure you work with top quality acts that will enhance your brand and message 

Make sure whichever entertainment acts you work with have a good idea pre-event what you are trying to achieve, is there any key message that could be conveyed through music or demonstration that highlights your brand?

Matt Daniel-Baker head shot

3 – Finding the right entertainment who are willing to go that extra mile  

The best entertainers will really care about your event being a success and your audience to come away feeling like they’ve had the best experience, so feel free to ask them lots of questions, what their act entails how they deliver it, the timing of it are all key aspects, especially if you have other elements to consider for your event such as keynote speeches, awards etc.

4 – What memories/experiences do you want your entertainment to help your audience achieve 

Some of the best and momentous events have had epic entertainment involved think American Superbowl break yes you want to see the game but every year the break between the game has seen some of the best global entertainers perform.

Now we have provided some useful tips and insights in selecting the right keynote speaker and entertainment.

It’s important to recognise when something goes well and to avoid any issues that may arise for it going wrong.  Entertainment

Ensure that the keynote speaker or entertainment share the same values that you and your audience uphold, if you get it right you can be on to a real winner! Just look at the recent Financial Times ‘Future of the Car’ conference – Elon Musk spoke for a full 90 minutes and was extremely well received.

Whereas another event held in that same week sadly was tainted by an inconsiderate comedian who chose to create an unnecessary uncomfortable atmosphere with their content. Sadly, this comedian took it upon himself to share an inappropriate sexist song sung with an African accent to one of the guest judges. It sadly left the recipient feeling totally overwhelmed, disappointed and uncertain.

It is critical that the speakers at your event are inclusive and considerate of others. So that others feel at ease and safe in the setting you’ve created, always conduct thorough research while looking for the ideal keynote speaker or entertainer.

Be sure of who is representing your brand, your values and what you stand for it can make your event a roaring success or fall totally flat on its face if you select the wrong individuals.

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