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Sheer Edge Ultimate Guide to Sustainable UK Venues – Part 1

When it comes to choosing a venue, it’s about more than simply the décor and location. It’s essential that the venue and its administration represent the concept of social and environmental impact. 

However, there are a number of fantastic venues around the UK that have gone above and beyond to guarantee that the development and operation of the venue are based on long-term sustainability.

We’ve mentioned a range of venues below that we’d recommend based on factors including the building’s waste, water, and carbon emissions management, as well as its social influence on the surrounding area.  Of course, there are many more venues out there that hold sustainability of high importance but based on our working experience with all of the below venues and groups of venues.  Hence why we have named this post as part 1.

Wyboston Lakes Resort 

wyboston resort

The Waterfront Hotel, award-winning Y Spa, 18-hole golf course, and Landing Pad, the easy answer to all your serviced office, branded space, and co-working needs are all located on 380 acres of beautiful countryside. All of this takes place on a resort with a conscience, as they place a strong emphasis on sustainability.

At Wyboston Lakes Resort, sustainability allows us to unite diverse initiatives and foster a conscious culture. ‘More Sustainable, No Apology,’ is their tagline, which means they’re devoted to making decisions that aren’t typical but will improve the resort’s sustainability in all they do. They’re dedicated to, among other things, ensuring that waste is managed as efficiently as possible. They also maintain a zero-to-landfill policy at all times. Leftover produce will be provided to shelters and food banks when appropriate, and additional steps to decrease their water use and waste will be implemented where practical.

Wyboston Lakes Resort cares about their community, therefore they donate to the St Neot’s Town Centre Initiative. They also give out a considerable number of prizes and raffle presents each year to smaller, more local organisations, and collaborate with them to help the resort to achieve their sustainability goals. When it’s suitable, they become active and volunteer in our community. 

Royal Lancaster London

Royal lancaster

The Royal Lancaster is a sustainable and eco-friendly hotel in the heart of London with spectacular views of the iconic London skyline, this proud mid-century architectural landmark is a proud mid-century architectural icon.

The Royal Lancaster is always looking for new ways to cut its carbon emissions and be more environmentally friendly. Many have put in place things like paperless offices, eco-friendly lighting, natural ventilation, and using local suppliers. Other ideas include reducing food and drink packaging.

The Royal Lancaster is also the first hotel to introduce Bee Hotels on roofs attracting pollinator bees from Hyde Park where they now have 4 colonies!

Friend’s house London 

friends house

Quiet Company, the completely owned trading division of Quakers in the United Kingdom, manages Friend’s House. It was established in 2007 and is in charge of Friends House’s facilities and property services. The meeting rooms, the Quaker Centre Bookshop and Café, and the Seed Kitchen restaurant are all cared for by their team. 

Friend House has an extremely focused ethic as they believe that in order to be successful, they must focus on the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. They should not earn a profit at the expense of the people they employ or the earth we live on. This is why they have pledged to the environment, the community, their consumers, their employees, and their suppliers. 

They are dedicated to long-term sustainability. They take the required steps to limit carbon emissions, waste, and choose to source locally in order to protect our ecology. They also upgraded their boilers with more energy-efficient versions to assist us to save money on electricity. They’ve installed solar film on the building’s exterior windows to help keep it cooler in the summer, and they’ve upgraded their printers to some of the industry’s most energy-efficient models. In the conference rooms, café, and restaurant, they utilise fresh and locally produced items wherever possible, and they have minimised the number of animal products in their catering. Their meals are at least 60% vegetarian and vegan, and they are decreasing their water consumption by adding dual-flush toilets, motion sensors on taps and urinals, and even bottling and filtering their own water! They exclusively buy green energy from Good Energy, which includes 100 percent renewable electricity, and their energy is free of fossil fuels and nuclear power. 

Innside Manchester 

 Innside manchesterAt the Innside, you will be surprised by its architecture and delighted by its interior. From designer guest rooms, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and a great culinary concept.  

Innside is part of Melia Hotels, a large hotel chain with a strong commitment to sustainability and community. They strive to be one of the world’s first hotel groups in the middle and high segments, urban and vacation, to consolidate our leadership in holiday and leisure hotels, and to be recognised as a global benchmark in excellence, responsibility, and sustainability. 

They incorporate sustainable attributes into the customer experience to increase its social and environmental value proposition, such as using local and seasonal products, eliminating single-use plastics, e-mobility, and incorporating sustainability into events and conventions, as well as activities and leisure in natural environments. 

They also wish to contribute to the fight against climate change and help preserve the world’s future by promoting environmentally friendly hotel projects. Ensure that energy and water resources are used responsibly. Focusing on approved clean energy sources, working to decarbonize the economy using scientific standards, Shift to a circular hotel concept that decreases the environmental effect. Protect biodiversity and natural capital through reducing food waste and minimising waste.

Venues Collection

lime venues

The Venues Collection. One Group. Seven Venues. 205 Meeting & Training Rooms. 1,193 Bedrooms. Individual Venues Enjoying the Luxury of Space

Their tagline is ‘Places to eat, places to sleep, spaces to celebrate’.  Guess what?  They also practice sustainability! They believe in using fresh, locally sourced seasonal food, as well as offering plant-forward dishes with a choice of great-tasting meats. Venues collection is part of Compass Group and has a climate promise to reach net-zero by 2030!

To help reach this goal The Venues Collection is offering Meetings and menus in conjunction with Lime Venues Portfolio [Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP) has one of the UK’s largest collections of famous venues, but they provide much more than just event spaces. They’ve been known to turn gatherings into absolutely remarkable experiences and assisting event planners to secure their landmark venues and world-class food tailored to their individual interests.]

The menus are based on 5 key pledges which are detailed on the attached for you to view, we have a huge focus on plant-based menus! 

They’re also working with Klimato and are starting to introduce Carbon Labelling on our food menus to help clients make better choices, which will have a positive impact on the environment  

In addition, they have had lots of positive feedback from exhibitions regarding the sustainability packages that they are ‘ahead of the game’ with what they have launched and it is surprising how important this is to clients, for many it helps to meet their CSR Goals. 

Waste is also essential to them, as they strive for zero waste and recycle and reuse packaging whenever possible. They also believe in ethical sourcing and only purchase products from ethical vendors, such as fairtrade and rainforest alliance certified chocolate!  

Many of their venues will also provide additional sustainability advantages through various enhancements.  

Iconic luxury hotels 

Iconic Luxury Venues

The ethos of the iconic luxury hotel is simple yet satisfying: providing iconic luxury in its purest form. Staying at an Iconic Luxury Hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Service that is considerate and unobtrusive; cuisine that reaches culinary perfection while being served in a calm, pleasant setting; accommodations that radiate richness while making you feel immediately at ease.  

Iconic Luxury Hotels’ owners, directors, and personnel are dedicated to the careful management of their hotels and estates, and they pledge to actively promote the local economy and environment wherever necessary.  

ILH is lowering its environmental effect by implementing positive actions targeted at reducing energy consumption and wastage, managing waste products, and the sensitive use of water supplies, all of which are in line with their policy of environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility.  

As a result of increased awareness of key environmental issues and their consequences, ILH has formed Corporate Social Responsibility Committees whose mission is to monitor and improve the hotel’s environmental and corporate social responsibility policies, as well as to ensure their full implementation.  

They promote safety and the highest levels of ethics and professionalism, as well as handling all commercial interactions with honesty and respect for human rights. ILH is dedicated to the rule of law and is willing to uphold community values and safeguard the environment. Also, all teams and supervisors should be aware of their environmental and corporate social responsibility policies. Also, to maintain strong company practices that recognise the financial and environmental benefits of waste reduction, energy efficiency improvements, and material conservation and recycling.  

ILH also informs visitors to our facilities about their corporate social responsibility policies and activities, and actively seeks to enhance its service standards without compromising its customers’ enjoyment. Also, analyse all of our suppliers’ environmental policies and aggressively support excellent environmental practices whenever appropriate. They also continue to obtain local goods while maintaining strong financial management and maintaining the high quality of the items they provide.  

At ILH, they have a variety of different sustainable options. Which will be used at any event hosted by the prestigious luxury hotel group!   

So there you have our first sustainable venue overview, we hope the insights have

Sustainability is incredibly important to us at Sheer Edge, we want to do so much more in the same way that all of the venues we work with do. If you want to learn more about our sustainability promise, click here.

Did you know that we provide a venue locating service here at Sheer Edge?  So you can discover not only the perfect location and venue to host your next event, you can also seek out venues with the same sustainability goals and aspirations as you. Take a look here to find out more about our venue finding service;

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