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Sheer Edge Venue Spotlight – Voco, St.Johns Hotel

We often get asked to find a venue outside of the town or city for a meeting or conference, bedrooms are a must and plenty of parking – but we ask why outside of the city? Would you consider a central venue if it ticked all of your boxes?

There are many valid points to the answers we are given – more parking, gardens for outdoor lunches, much quieter, more than likely to have spa facilities, remote and more stylish properties…


Well, what if we were to tell you we have found YOU a central property which ticks all of those points above and more?… Less than a 15-minute walk to the local train station, 10-minute journey to the airport, plenty of onsite free parking, spa facilities, 201 bedrooms, a garden for lunchtime BBQS and networking, and much much more…

We always strive to find the right venue for your brief – and there are times we like to throw in a wildcard, something to get you thinking outside of the box, this venue we think you will be amazed at, we certainly were.

Situated in Solihull Town we would like to introduce you to the wonderful voco St.Johns Hotel, part of IHG hotel group. Boasting 13 meeting and event spaces, freshly refurbished, fully equipped with the great technology – what’s more to want!reception

Let us tell you what we LOVE about this venue.

Have you heard of IGH Green Engage?  Well, this venue is built on sustainability and really take their “Green” promise and ethos seriously. Filtered water in meeting areas and guest room water in glass bottles means 300+ plastic bottles foregone in every guest room each year.

Using biodegradable take-away coffee cups, instead of traditional alternatives, reduces our impact on the environment.

The filling of our indulgent bedding is made from 100% recycled materials.

Aerated shower heads, reducing water usage and ensures lower energy consumption for water heating.

“Green ingredients” in bathroom amenities, obtained from sustainable or renewable plant-based origins, where its sourcing does not negatively impact the ecosystems

Adopting large-format bathroom amenities reduces plastic waste.

Voco St. Johns is in the heart of a busy town but as soon as you arrive on site you certainly feel you are away somewhere remote, there is limited traffic noise, beautiful garden space for you to use and as mentioned FREE parking which is pretty much unheard of in a city centre.

They have an absolutely stunning exhibition/meeting space for large scale events seating up to 600 people and having the capacity for cars and demos to be brought in to the room for display – it is rare to find a venue of this size that can accommodate all of that. With over 13 meeting spaces you can’t go much wrong choosing this venue for your next meeting.

bouquet hall

Separate private entrances to the two biggest suites – now this is something really important to some clients and we think its just genius – why would your guests want to queue in the reception area to check in to their room when they can arrive at the private entrance register for their room key and drop their bag there, straight through to the welcome lounge for a nice drink and mid-morning snack 😊 This means none of your delegates are likely to get lost within the hotel and there will be no unexpected guests joining your event.

voco St Johns has a team of wonderful staff to greet your delegates, they are on hand all day to answer your questions and foremost make sure you and your delegates have the best experience whilst visiting their venue.Restaurant

Let us help you to find your next venue and let us think outside of the box, we love getting creative with our venue searches, let us ease your burden.

Get in touch today: or call us for a friendly chat: 0330 223 3176

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