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Let sport unite us this summer!

Sports are a great way to bring people together. There are so many sporting spectacles taking place this summer, after the challenging last 18 months we’ve all had to some degree, now is a better time than ever to get outside and take in some sport with your colleagues, clients, family and friends. Attending sports events definitely helps to boost team morale and productivity.  

Global human resource, recruitment and management consulting firm Robert Half interviewed over 600 senior managers about how festivities and sport events can boost productivity at work. The majority of participants said employee morale benefits significantly when staff are able to take part in celebrating their favourite team sports, 50% of senior managers surveyed also said such activities lead to improved productivity at work. 

The majority of respondents said employee morale benefits significantly when staff are able to take part in celebrating their favourite team sports. Half of senior managers surveyed also said such activities lead to improved productivity at work. 

If you’re wondering how you can bond with your team, or boost their productivity, then why not take yourself and your team off to attend a sporting event this summer, Sheer Edge has a brilliant selection of enjoyable events for you to still choose from.  

If you’re an employer who can show you value your staff and appreciate everyone’s need for a good work / life balance, it will make for a more engaged, happier and ultimately more productive team of employees.  Feeling valued goes a long way, if your staff feel appreciated and cared for, they are more likely to be productive and want to do well for you. After all, productivity is more important than presence. 

Take a break, you and your team deserve it!  

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” – Nelson Mandela 

You may be wondering, why choose hospitality over just buying regular tickets to sporting events?  

There are numerous reasons why sporting hospitality can benefit you, and your working relationships with those around you in your business…  

Sporting hospitality gives you a chance to build stronger relationships with people. Meeting face to face in a new, relaxed and stimulating environments work wonders for building trust and rapport with your staff or clients.  

Sheer Edge sporting hospitality packages offer so much more than a standard experience could. They offer some of the best experiences out there and provide you with luxury and memories that will last a lifetime, so why not reward your employees for all their hard work, show them that they’re really valued and take your relationship with them to the next level. 

Spending time interacting in sports or entertainment venue with luxuries, opportunities and dining experiences that a standard event ticket simply can’t offer, is tangible evidence that you care about the person enough to want to get to know them outside of business environments. 

Here are just some of the very best sports offerings we provide at Sheer Edge;  

Cowes week

Cowes Week 

Cowes Week is one of the UK’s longest running and most successful sporting events. Up to 40 daily races are staged each day for around 800 boats, which makes it the largest sailing regatta of its kind on the planet. More than 5,000 competitors will be taking part, with Olympic and world-class yachtsmen competing alongside weekend sailors in a diverse and exciting spectacle.  

This magnificent event will run from the 31st July – 6th August, alongside the sailing and races, it’ll all be topped off with an incredible firework display. We offer a brilliant hospitality package which will allow you to unwind, enjoy the races and entertain your clients at this world-famous event.  


Henley Royal Regatta  

This is undoubtedly the most famous regatta in the world and a highlight of the summer sporting calendar. The regatta attracts thousands of visitors over the week, with spectators watching over 300 thrilling races of an international standard, including many Olympic rowers as well as crews that are new for this year’s event.  

Taking place from the 11th-15th August, there are all sorts of events for you to enjoy. With 26 competitions ranging from Open, Intermediate, Club and Student events, there is lots to keep your eyes on! 

Henley Royal Regatta hospitality

Goodwood Revival   

The Goodwood Revival event recreates the glamour of motor racing how it used to be; the circuit comes alive for the revival. This is the only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress, it’s a unique event, and will be two days of thrilling racing, from 17th-19th September.

This event is a celebration of days gone by, with vintage fashion and wheel-to-wheel racing around this classic circuit, which remains unchanged since the gates to the track opened to the public for the first time back in September 1948, where it hosted Britain’s very first post-war motor race meeting. Goodwood Revival cars

This event is an immersive celebration of historic racing, there is a whole host of things to do, the ‘Lavant Infield’ is bigger and better than ever, with the introduction of high street shopping, places to eat, a brand-new outdoor seating area with big screen viewing and a grandstand are all now available!  

There is so much more on offer, with ‘Make-Do and Mend’ that offers a showcase of restoration projects, ‘Festival of Britain’ at gate 2 where you’ll be transported back to the summer of 1951, to celebrate the 70th anniversary, ‘Drivers Club’ is another centre feature of the Revival, which will be moving alongside the Earls Court Motor Show, and for the first time ever, will be on full display to the public!  

Goodwood Mess    Goodwood Revival cars2







If you’d like to enquire or book any of our brilliant hospitality, contact us today!  

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