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Incentives for excellence

As we prepare for the new era, it’s good to welcome your employees and motivate them to take their performance to a new level. Your employees have stood by your side during calm times and the storms so acknowledging their contribution helps them to go the extra mile in future too.

The traditional cash bonus and gift card rewards are commonly used still but experiences are becoming more popular options. But how to determine what incentive works the best? Here are some ways to find a great incentive that motivates your team to boost their performance and results.

Ask your team: The easiest way to find out what your team members are interested in is asking them. You can create a poll or ask during a meeting.

Take a look what worked in past:  If you’ve used incentives for a good while, you can go back the memory lane and see what worked be

wellness hampers


However, you need to be clear on your objectives for the incentive scheme and the budget that is possible to put aside for the incentives you choose. The good news is that not all incentives cost a fortune and with the current limitations some can be done virtually.

Wellness packages:  Yoga, Pilates, a pamper session or a wellness hamper package does wonders after a busy day. Wellness sessions can be virtual with a wellness hamper package delivered to your teams door.

Food/ wine tasting:  Do you have members who love culinary experiences? If yes, then arrange a food or wine tasting. Let your team members enjoy some new fine foods or drinks.

Virtual cook along





Meet a celebrity: Arrange a meeting with a celebrity your team looks up to. You can have a sing along or dance to properly start weekend. It’s also a great way to make memories.

Live events: Once we get back to normality and get to start live in-person events once more, you could get theatre, sport event or concert tickets with overnight stay at a hotel and a meal for two in the UK or overseas. Quality time and entertainment is a great way to show you appreciate your team.

Whatever you and your team look for, experiences are here to stay. A chance to experience something unique and create memories that last for a lifetime.

Gig at Resorts World Arena, BirminghamSixday Cycling LondonMonaco Grand Prix Yacht experience






We at Sheer Edge are here to help you with our bespoke incentive packages that motivate your team to take their performance to a new level.

For more information visit our Incentive and Rewards page;

For more details about our fantastic Wellness sessions and hampers get in touch; or call: 0330 223 3176

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