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How to avoid the pitfalls when booking corporate hospitality

We want to delve into the world of Corporate Hospitality.  What works well and what to look out for and avoid at all costs.

With over two decades of experience working in the hospitality and events industry, Sheer Edge has seen some great examples of corporate hospitality experiences and also sadly, some terrible experiences that could have been easily avoided.

Why share this here? 

Well, because we are all enjoying attending live events right now and we want you to be safe in the knowledge that the hospitality you are booking is not only official but value for money and that where you purchase it from is a reputable company providing the package, they are advertising.

  • Consider if the packages you are seeking are ‘official’ packages – ask the question where does the company source their hospitality from? If it is not directly from the venue or from an official event partner, please re-consider purchasing at all.
  • How do you purchase the package – is the organisation in question asking you to sign a form, and agree to their terms and conditions? If not, we would be extremely cautious, any reputable business will have standard terms and conditions for any type of event virtual/hybrid/hospitality or event support will have terms and conditions that cover your purchase and also the supplier too.

Now for some golden rules when you are thinking of booking corporate hospitality;

Many people think that they should secure hospitality that they are interested in and just invite guests WRONG! 

Firstly, you must consider not only the event you desire but also what your attendees may desire. It could be a client, a family member, or your colleagues who want to have a good time so they have to be a part of your vision when planning your event ask yourself this question..

Are you certain your attendee will enjoy what you have planned?

Second, you must consider where the event will be held. It could be overseas or here in the UK, and you must take into account whether you will need a wet weather contingency if it is going to be outside. There is a lot of planning and preparation that people overlook that can make or break your day.

Thirdly, you should check with the event organisers to see if they accommodate special dietary needs; most do, but it’s best not to assume and also the deadline for any dietary requirements and make sure you communicate this with your attendees.

You’d think that was the end of it, but there’s one more, and it’s a big one:


If you are planning a lavish event, you should expect to pay a premium for it. If you are unable to factor that into your budget, you should consider a different event or create a bespoke solution.

Finally, the priority is that you and your guests know what to expect from the event they are attending, the best route, where to meet with you when they arrive, we find managing expectations and sending a brief itinerary pre-event helps everyone plan their journey.

If all of this sounds like way too much hard work, or you have no idea where to start.

Sheer Edge are here to support you with your corporate event search.

We simply need; The ideal month/date you are looking at, how many attendees, location if you have a specific area you are focussing on and of course what you have to spend, we can then provide you with some great options to select.

We love securing the best and official corporate hospitality for our clients and our testimonials and returning clients we hope will give you plenty of confidence that time and time again, you will have a fantastic experience with your guests.

Would you like to chat more? Get in touch today: or call us to chat through your requirements: 0330 223 3176

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