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Have you wondered what you need to consider when running an event but have no idea where to start?  Well, when we started in this industry we felt like that.  But with over 50+ years of collective experience in the hospitality and events industry.

We are delighted to now be able to offer you Event Management Training as part of our Event Support Services.

We want to share our experiences with you. Give you the basics to consider, live scenarios to run through. What's more, we will be providing you with some post-event support too! 

We love sharing our experience and can't wait to help support you through this Event Management learning journey.

Our online training academy is LIVE! Click here to view the press release.

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Our passion is sharing our knowledge and supporting our clients, that is why our Event Management Training programmes are CPD Accredited.

Delivered by the Sheer Edge Training team who possess over 50+ years of collective experience in the Events Industry.

Our vision is to help support you to run your own events or enhance your existing events industry knowledge.

We have proactive online Facebook and Linkedin communities and are regularly speaking with people from within the Event Industry and industry experts to help you have all the tools you need to up your event management game.

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Our courses and masterclasses cover every aspect of learning how to run an event.  Some of the courses available are;

Event Management for beginners
Marketing Your Event Masterclass
Branding Your Event Masterclass
Delegate Management Masterclass
Budgeting your event

Created with ease of online learning in mind, our bitesize training sessions will have you trained up in no time, what's more, we can provide the support you need on a one to one coaching basis if you so wish.

Take a look at our online Training Academy and start your learning journey today:

We are looking to work with: Government bodies, Associations, HR & Training Managers, Marketing Directors and anyone involved in Corporate Event organising, sponsorship, exhibitions and marketing who would like to enable their teams to upskill at this time. Regardless of the size of your business or event aspirations, we would love to support you and your team today.

As a CPD Accredited provider, ensuring you have all the right information to aid your knowledge and education on all things events is of paramount importance.

Have a question?  We would love to hear from you, please contact: 

CPD Accredited Provider