Gather your team and give something back

Team events with a BITE

When someone mentions team building to you what do you think about? What do you expect from your team building day? Those people that we have asked mention physical activities such as clay pigeon shooting, sporting events, go karting, water sports. These types of activities either get people really excited or fill them with dread, not another team building day?! […]

Predictions for events in 2021

Hybrid studio

2020 saw people deprived of events of all kinds. Whether it was for business or leisure, we had to say goodbye. Many were thrown headfirst into the world of online events which was definitely a learning curve, whilst some were cancelled altogether. With the COVID-19 vaccines now being rolled out, it could see the return […]

‘Tis the season’ #Festive Cheer Competition

#festive cheer competition

‘Tis the season’ as they say, and we here at Sheer Edge are feeling very jolly and festive and we want to spread some Christmas cheer your way. We’ve all had to stay home and safe during this pandemic, some of our beloved venues have stopped trading, the events industry is struggling financially and all […]

Christmas is not cancelled!

The celebration of Christmas started in Rome about 336, but it did not become a major Christian festival until the 9th century. Every year around the world, people will decorate their houses and trees, spend time with loved ones and more so over the last 10 years people would celebrate at home, office parties, social […]

The biggest questions you need to ask when planning online events

Virtual Events with Sheer Edge

Events are a brilliant way to build awareness and interest in your business. It’s a chance for prospective customers to get to know you more without committing to becoming a client. Since the COVID-19 outbreak physical events have been a non-starter. Many in the professional services sectors have avoided holding online events because they feel […]