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5 Ideas for your next virtual event

 It is about time we had some fun in the virtual world wouldn’t you agree? – after nearly 2 years of mundane Zoom calls, daily team meetings, virtual appraisals and general catch ups, we can imagine you all felt a bit low and it left us wondering what next.

We wanted to make your virtual world fun, engaging and something you wanted to get through the working day for.   

Sheer Edge select only the very best partners to work with who help achieve a fun virtual event for you and your team, or maybe it’s a treat for your family and friends?

Here are our top 5 Virtual Events suggestions for you to consider for your event schedule in 2022. 


Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting Wine and cheese virtual event

First of all, who doesn’t love cheese? we certainly do, anytime of the year cheese is a winner. You can pair cheese with a nice summers picnic or have as after a warm hearty casserole at your dinner party with wine of course. The pandemic left us with a situation – whereas we couldn’t enjoy the simple pleasures with friends at dinner parties and picnics in the park, so Virtual Wine and Cheese tasting was born. Our incredible supplier will take you on a journey to discovery with different cheeses from around the world paired with some of the finest wines selected by handpicked sommeliers. Your wine and cheese will be posted perfectly packaged and kept fresh right up until it reaches your front door. Your event will be scheduled for a date and time for you to enjoy this experience in the comfort of your home with you family (of course if they are invited) and colleagues on a virtual experience.  


Virtual Baking 

We absolutely love the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes, don’t you? There’s nothing better than making it fresh yourself in the comfort of your home. We have teamed up with some extraordinary ‘top of their game’ baking suppliers. It’s important for you to have a great experience, creating baking delights you will never forget the taste of. We have some brilliant ideas to throw your way but 

Virtual baking with Hunkington House Kitchenif there was anything you or your team wanted to try your hand at baking then let us know. Most recently our wonderful clients have learnt how to make, bake and decorate a Christmas cake, then they had another session on how to decorate, ever been wanting to make a homemade macaroon? They look and taste delicious to buy, but yours will taste even better, or how about doughnuts – this isn’t something we bake every day at home. The best part of a virtual baking workshop is that you can get your children involved, family members or friends. We think it’s a great idea to have a bake off – this gets the team focussed, drives engagement and overall, you will laugh, have fun and make some great memories. 

Virtual Mind reading  

Matt Daniel-Baker

This has you thinking, doesn’t it? How does this work virtually? When you have the very best event partner anything is possible – even reading your minds without being with you in

 person. Our mind reader not only reads your mind they are experts in reading body language, predicting outcomes, using influence and persuasion, lie detecting and negotiation tactics. This is such a great event idea for; team building, a fun night in with friends, a colleague social event, or as a confidence booster for your team, do you work in sales? Looking for a fun way of engaging and learning how to negotiate?

Still a little sceptical?  Well, initially we were too, until we experienced first-hand our partners exceptional skills.  We promise you will be blown away and will want to do this event time and time again.   


Candle making, bath bombs, bath salts, wax melts

This event is great for some downtime, relaxation and really honing in on your creative skills. Join our very knowledgeable supplier and let them take you on a journey of  

Virtual Bath Bomb makingAdiscovery where you will learn about key note smells, textures, skill and how to make your end product look fantastic. It’s important to still have fun virtually but at the same

 time do something for you, something that will take your mind off work and relax with friends and colleagues. We can imagine not a lot of people have ever made a bath bomb, or at least made one with fresh ingredients, sustainable, ethically sourced and 100% natural and vegan. It’s time for YOU, and we believe YOU are in need of some creativity and fun. 


Food inventions and experiments 

That’s left your mind a bit boggled, hasn’t it? Time to get your taste buds tingling with some amazing tasting and exploration ideas. Has there ever been a time when you have seen a really great picture of something foody, a nice big chocolate cake, a luscious ice cream and you thought mmmm that looks good enough to eat? Well now is the time you can, so let’s blend, paint and lick away, that’s right, your very own edible painting

You don’t need to be a Picasso or be afraid of whipping out the brush – paint what you like – eat what you like, apart from the palette, don’t eat the palette!  Taste Explorer 1

If painting really isn’t your thing, how about an experience to blow your senses? Discover  your personal flavour profile and let your mind wonder with this great event. Can music  change the way your food tastes? What do colours taste like? If you’re brave enough and  not for the sugar fans! (Unless you are super brave) they have a little hidden extra to take  something away – do you dare to try? We did and was absolutely blown away at just how  clever our senses are. This virtual event has been tried and tested on many of our clients and  they just want more and more, who wouldn’t!  


These options really do just scratch the surface of the virtual event options that are available and that you can book through the Sheer Edge team.

Why not get in touch today, we would love to support you to provide an exceptional virtual event, leaving your guests astounded and with fond memories of an enjoyable time. 

To find out more about how we can support you to run your events both online and in person contact us on: or call us: 0330 223 3176


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